I once had a love to last
   for all my days
What I wouldn’t do for it
    let me count the ways

It was a love I had
   lost because of sin
When I look at your face now,
    what’s written now is "el fin"

What will it take to
   pick up all the shattered pieces?
Strewn all over the place
    for the pain never ceases

The only answer I have
   is to give all this some time
Sort through all my emotions,
    not change them on a dime

I love you "mi corazon amor"
   you mean so much to me
What we had was special
    and what’s happened we must let be

Why drag you through my problems
   when you have your own
But remember the team we once were,
    as so evidently shown

And one day it will be even better,
   this I swear and guarantee
Because I love you truly and your children.
    One day a family


August 16, 2005
6:30 p.m.