the heavens opened up and have given me this gift
to pen these missives whose intent is to uplift

sow peace in this world and try best to heal rift
bridge chasm of mistrust, the truth and lies to sift

help everyone get a second chance,
   not just give short shrift

let everyone see eye to eye,
   let them catch each other’s drift

patience is key,
   these things will take time
     there’s no need to be swift

why spend on hoopla
   for the work to be done,
     it best to exercise thrift

to the opportunists who
   seek gain for themselves,
     those about to grift

be best beware of the
   changes to come,
      what’s known as the planetary shift

where i once used to think i was the chosen one,
    an idea now long since pfft

there is no loss for me over such a role,
    not even am i miffed 

for to claim to be the messiah, surely i would have whiffed
struck out badly, not to think of those who’d feel stiffed

we’re all in this together,
   no reason to be lost,
     be cast adrift

with love as our guide
   we can change what’s inside
     hearts and minds we can all lift