i went to jail for a crime i did not commit
pled guilty to a charge, now i’m a marked man, dammit

for the next three months i shared a cell
with thirty other men, i swore was like hell

our place was called the thunderdome
like the mad max movie: you were far away from home

but as i slowly got to know my fellow cons
i was humbled by what i learned and something in me dawned

one named me buddha a man of great respect
coming from a crook it was the least i could ever expect

i had my shares of some highs and some lows
saw people badly hurt by one too many blows

but one thing i can tell you about the place
even though we grouped ourselves together by race

and everyone talked and played through the night
we all shared a bond, would remember this plight

and made the best of what we could, of what little we had
now that i am out i am most certainly glad

to have my freedom back live life anew
forever changed for good, awed by what i knew

i am at peace with myself my demons defeated
and while i reminisce fondly, i don’t want it ever repeated


May 22, 2005 – Sunday, 2:00 p.m.