it was a magical and wondrous time for me
  i had just spent six years abroad, living in the r.p.*
    and was returning home, back to the land of the free

imagine my shock: everything and all that i could see
  working in harmony. no this wasn’t a 3rd world country
    i had no money save for a few buck from mommy
      and stayed with tita amy, her classmate from u.e.**

off i went, pounding pavement, in the heart of the city
  in search of a job that also offered a place rent free
    as luck would have it, i found one that suited me to a t
      and so was employed by the broadmoor, home to retirees

there i met gayle, my future girlfriend and co-employee
  what an incredible find, she’s all heart and mind,
                          i am so lucky

sadly though, i had to leave but it was more like to flee
  i wanted more and felt new york was where i had to be

to make a long story short, i never made it to the east
  i’ve no regrets, whatsoever, even giddier with glee
    i’m coming home once more, this time for sure,
                       here’s to my new journey



* r.p. republic of the philippines
** u.e. university of the east