Isla de Mari y Pepe….MARIPIPI

island of no return she is aptly named
where her clay and pottery wares are her claim to fame

a place where everyone carries a beautiful smile
where you’re asked to visit them and linger for a while

you won’t find anywhere on earth her majestic sunrise
you think you’re in heaven, end of life’s ultimate prize

she’s named ofter our lord Jesus the Christ’s parents
some think it from elsewhere, dear ladies and gents

how can it not be, this paradise on earth?
for the gifts are like gold, frankincense and myrr(t)h

climb the mountain, swim the shores, enjoy and have fun
you’ll never be the same, i should know, i’m her island son


June 3, 2005
12:00 p.m.

mari for maria or mary
pipi for pepe, nickname for jose, joseph