Ode to Father Joe and his Village

I’ve caught a glimpse of him
  maybe once or twice
Perhaps I didn’t get him at the right time,
  he didn’t have a smile, not very nice

One time an article about cars
  purchased from his auction lot appeared
Stirring up a frenzy as if this man is
  a criminal, someone to be feared

So what if the intent of the buyer
  is at odds with Father Joe’s?
The latter is a godsend in many
  ways we’ll ever, ever know

So there he was with a delegation
  of men sporting the collar
I was excited to see him, it was
  enough for me to want to holler

It was a serious matter and I
  could see the gravity of the scene
So I kept my mouth shut, to do
  otherwise would be obscene

With the weight on his shoulders
  to operate this village
In a place that’s being gentrified
  our home this city wants pillaged

Unbeknownst to them all,
  perhaps Father Joe knows this too
We’re all sitting on a gold mine
  for we’re all resources, me and you

Father Joe’s giving us a second chance
  an effort he never, ever tires
And what is now only a village
  will one day soon become an Empire


July 2005