i don’t want to be taken aback
   even the edge or the brink

whether by needle, pill or
   even by one too many a drink

all i have with me is but my mind
   with which to think

thoughts that can rise above all,
   thoughts that can likewise sink

what runs through my head, though
   is you, someone i want to link

happy that you highly regard me,
   of the words i’ve thus far inked

ravished you say by my poetry
   i’m glad you’re tickled pink

let’s explore our love once more,
   this time not a passing wink

it’s here to say, now and forever,
   like a body that takes in zinc

and if we should ever find fault once again,
   let’s workout the kink

we can erase the stain of the past,
   likewise too the stink

love is boundless with all she offers
   overcomes any chink

we’ll meet again one day my love
   the world our playground, our rink


May 29, 2005 – Sunday, 6:00 p.m.