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our lives are stitched from suture to suture into a quilt made of past, present and future the lives we have led make up our psyche and what it has taught us can tell whether we have a recipe with all the ingredients to be one with it all, not just be expedient we’ve grown, […]


Whenever he speaks,   I have a warm feeling inside     And my despairs and fears vanish       not lurking within to hide I never gave much thought   to what most people had to say     But having known you Chaplain       I know that I’m on my way As you have counseled all of us here,   Godspeed on your […]


We are all gathered here   to celebrate Something special:    the night we all graduate It’s more than a parchment,   that we stand to receive It’s something from within,    it’s the words "I believe" I believe I’ve come far   and I still have a road ahead I believe I can make it    because in me I […]

From cattle to prized steer

herded we are in a pen enclosed like livestock, gone is our den try as we might go back to the life of yore we now realize our path is here, like never before intake, bug day, storage so small chores, snoring, complaints, all litle do we know this is all meant to be for […]

Ode to Father Joe and his Village

I’ve caught a glimpse of him   maybe once or twice Perhaps I didn’t get him at the right time,   he didn’t have a smile, not very nice One time an article about cars   purchased from his auction lot appeared Stirring up a frenzy as if this man is   a criminal, someone to be feared So […]


I once had a love until the end of my days Corazon her name was with a smile from sun rays I once had a love, oh let me count the ways but I wasn’t good enough so I left without delay I once had a love, on the following night of our lay she […]


abrasame. tiempo a tiempo. abrasame quiero tengame en mis brasos y nunca suelte digame. tiempo a tiempo. digame quiero oir las palabras "me amas, me amas, me amas" besame. tiempo a tiempo. besame. quiero probar los labios dulces a la mina tocame. tiempo a tiempo. tocame quiero sentirse el calor de su cuerpo dentro de […]


We always see her from    the point of view from above Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao,    an archipelagic string of islands But if you’ve ever    traveled by boat You will see her not as a map of    blue for ocean, green or brown for land But as teardrops planted and    solidified at the sea big teardrops   little […]