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As I see rising in the mist    A new generation next in line amidst With nieces, nephews, inaanaks ready to score    Take us to new heights to the sky from the shore I’m proud of what I see, heartened I indeed am    Of this youth ready for more, no more need to cram I can’t […]


Our eyes lock into each other at times    I’m left wondering since I’m not at my prime Whether there’s a chance for me to be her man    And do whatever it takes, whatever I can Seeing her smile, and her laugh fills that void    Endowing me with feelings I’ve long since avoid Warm is the […]


Can there be an explanation for this uncanny encounter    of someone I have just met, for I think that I have found her Surreal is this feeling, of having known her all of my life    I’m partnered with another, yet I know she will be my wife Searched I have all over for someone I’m […]


Please don’t lose your wonder Your passion, your heart, your thunder Certainly now I’m left asunder All this brought on by my many a blunder Your gift you’ve wanted to share, not even plundered With you gone, I’ve time to ponder Learn from it, adrift on the great blue yonder Knowing still that my love […]


There is a person in this world unlike any other    She’s our heroine, the one we call our mother She brought forth in this world me and three brothers    Gave us all the love we could ask for, we were smothered Happy Mother’s day and for all that you are    From your humble sons, Thomas, […]


She could be your daughter    she could be your niece and both of them can be had    for thirty dollars apiece What does it say of us    when we sell off their innocence How has it come to this    have we lost our minds, stop making sense How many more of our precious ones    will […]


I’m now fully aware of my circumstance     I once hated it because I didn’t like the dance But I find as I change the music’s tune     The negative forces are still here but now I’m immune I now have a purpose, to right my battered ship     Patch it up, chart my course and enjoy the […]


rise up to love, let me show you the way you’ll never be the same, the beginning of all days when the birds sing, you will know of their song you’ll never be afraid and you can never go wrong when you see the sun rise and sets, you’ll see her majesty bear witness to […]


through it all, she’s been there for me where I was blind, she helped me to see her name’s Susanna, a goddess bar none her kiss set me on fire and my new life begun I fell in love and have never let go more than just her, but with life that is so   […]

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We have a connection together,     both you and I We created something of joy,     we needn’t be shy I know when we both meet our son,     it will be a great high But knowing that my role has     ended is enough to cry As I wipe away endless tears     pour out of my eye They […]