Our eyes lock into each other at times
   I’m left wondering since I’m not at my prime

Whether there’s a chance for me to be her man
   And do whatever it takes, whatever I can

Seeing her smile, and her laugh fills that void
   Endowing me with feelings I’ve long since avoid

Warm is the embrace when we say goodbye
   With hope I see her again, this time no lie

I will say that I love her, again and again
   And not avoid the talk of just being a friend

She embraces the Lord, filled with the holy spirit
   I too have had visions of a type that is with it

Filled I am of hope to be a husband and a dad
   We’re both of an age, that leap must be had

Bambinos everywhere, the Leto name continues
   Wedding bells I hear, life’s cycle is renewed

Please say yes my love to what I’m about to do
   It’s cliché to say, but I’m nothing without you

And vow I shall to love you forever
   Time is running out, it’s now or never


VP @ 12:30pm