Category: Love


As I see rising in the mist    A new generation next in line amidst With nieces, nephews, inaanaks ready to score    Take us to new heights to the sky from the shore I’m proud of what I see, heartened I indeed am    Of this youth ready for more, no more need to cram I can’t […]


Our eyes lock into each other at times    I’m left wondering since I’m not at my prime Whether there’s a chance for me to be her man    And do whatever it takes, whatever I can Seeing her smile, and her laugh fills that void    Endowing me with feelings I’ve long since avoid Warm is the […]


We think of four letter words   as mean and dirty But there is one that is beautiful,   can even be flirty It is love, which takes   on many and various forms It is the one we have for ourselves,   though, that ought to be the norm We often hear how people are   crazy about it, […]