As I see rising in the mist
   A new generation next in line amidst

With nieces, nephews, inaanaks ready to score
   Take us to new heights to the sky from the shore

I’m proud of what I see, heartened I indeed am
   Of this youth ready for more, no more need to cram

I can’t wait for them to henceforth get started
   For as we drift off, be getting departed

In good hands, we are, transmitted all things relevant
   The importance of the cause will not be ambivalent

Lolo Lucas, a man of vision and great determination
   Lessons to learn, his descendants, his foundation

The family is good, the institution a reminder
   To be leaders, be seekers, and to be finders

Our people are everywhere, from Pilipinas and abroad
   We are one in unison, touched by a love, simple and broad

May this next one in line be touched by the divine
   And deliver Jose Rizal’s promise of a nation not declined

We see her hurting, our pearl of the orient sea.
   Perhaps through them all, we can finally be.

A people worthy of our heroes, from Mabini to Nay Isa
   And travel everywhere to learn, sans a visa

Like our National hero, from Europe, America and Asia did he sojourn
   And bring us the spark of a new life to be born

It is our hope that they will be able to deliver,
   What has vexed us all, our potential not a sliver

A country, a land, a place full of promise
   As I say once again, they’re now here in the midst


Inaanak – godchild
Pilipinas – Philippines
Lolo – Grandfather
Jose Rizal – National hero of the
Mabini, Nay Isa – Philippine heroes


5:00 am
VP and Blue line to UTC