When we worked together on a plan, we felt magic
Now we live apart, everything falls, looking quite tragic

How do we get back on track, move on ahead?
Do we live together once more and share a bed?

Maybe there’s something we can do without the physicality
Work together once again in matters of practicality

What you need first is a place of your own
So the skills that you need can be sharpened, can be honed

Worry about me not, my precious one
All that matters is love and thy will be done

I want you and Bastet back in each other’s arms
Where you’ll be safe together, free from any harm

Enough of this kindness from those of this realm
Say the word, I’ll roll up my sleeves, take over the helm

Even though you have now taken on a mate
What matters most is love, none too early, none too late


May 31, 2005
10:00 p.m.