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If there are any attempts to bribe me I will kindly take it and give it all to charity It may seem seem noble or maybe viewed as a game Whatever the case, it will be donated in your name I must warn you however that you’re not above guilt And when you go to […]


"Bitch, give me back my rib!"     I overheard a man say of his love A love lost by his claims of her infidelity     of her scheming, deceiving, of her push to shove He was of course referring to when God     made Eve, out of Adam’s side        producing his equivalent, a form fitting glove Has it […]


all my life i’ve been in search of a place where i can be myself, where there’s plenty of space i left an island when i was quite young i hated it there, i wanted myself hung and came to a city named after one from assisi but after a while got tired of all […]


i have to plum the depths    of my very soul and seek the hollows    plug whatever hole for how can i be integrated    how can i be whole? when something is blocking my path    it taking on me a toll if what you say is true,    if that i’m onto my new role please help […]


You were angry at me when I claimed you to be THE PRIZE How many others wanted you I could see with my VERY OWN TWO EYES That you chose me a man boy WHO IS GIVEN TO CRIES Is something etched in my memory one of my ULTIMATE HIGHS And helped me spread out […]


i would like nothing better    than your head right beside mine as we    together lay in bed serve you breakfast    of course you’ll be spoon fed i know how often time again    it has been said that i will love you until i die,    until i am dead ours is a love still being written […]


so what if i am now your ex everyday all i think about is sex i’ve gone insane, body, soul total wrecks child, you’re only a lamb, but i am T-REX   PREDATOR May 19, 2005 – Thursday, 11:00 am


i went to jail for a crime i did not commit pled guilty to a charge, now i’m a marked man, dammit for the next three months i shared a cell with thirty other men, i swore was like hell our place was called the thunderdome like the mad max movie: you were far away […]


my heart beats crazy for you,    not in little blips and when we meet,    we shall lock lips make love sans abandon,    gyrate our hips we’re still meant for each other,    not two passing ships   UNITY May 19, 2005 – Thursday, 10:00 am


it was a magical and wondrous time for me   i had just spent six years abroad, living in the r.p.*     and was returning home, back to the land of the free imagine my shock: everything and all that i could see   working in harmony. no this wasn’t a 3rd world country     i had no money […]