Category: Friendship


why can’t i be your boyfriend     and he be your mate this way you get a choice     what to put on your plate one day it’s him for     company abrainy another it’s me     and have fun with insany or, if you can handle     something risque let’s be a threesome     what’s standing in our way?   […]


should i be writing you    thoughts of this sort when you have a loved one,    you have a consort perhaps its best i cease these    it best to abort you’re not some prize    some kind of sport there must be some law    written in a tort that it is okay    for you and i to […]


My journey is your journey     that there is no doubt Seems like yesterday I thought otherwise     perhaps when you called me a lout But now I know better; this epiphany     makes me want to rise and shout Just like those types from San Fran     who from the closet have chosen to come out This love […]


When we worked together on a plan, we felt magic Now we live apart, everything falls, looking quite tragic How do we get back on track, move on ahead? Do we live together once more and share a bed? Maybe there’s something we can do without the physicality Work together once again in matters of […]


one day it will all make sense     you will hit those high notes and you will be as one with it all     drift away and merrily float keep at it my dear child     practice with all your heart for perfection is what it makes    it is worth it, it is art   MASTERY May 23, […]


we’ve had our dose of reality, you and i so let’s try the fantasy, try the pie in the sky what have we to lose, we’ve hardened our hearts let’s soften it now, better yet replace the parts from now on a diet very rich in love it takes getting used to, so lets give […]


i don’t want to be taken aback    even the edge or the brink whether by needle, pill or    even by one too many a drink all i have with me is but my mind    with which to think thoughts that can rise above all,    thoughts that can likewise sink what runs through my head, though […]


it is inevitable, there will come a day when all you want to do is simply get away don’t be a stranger, come and visit the bay romp around your old haunts, play, play, play hang around with your friends, share your day mi casa, su casa, you know where to stay don’t worry about […]


forget about what happened in the past here’s to a new day, one we can together recast to a love of a kind, of a lifetime’s last   RENAISSANCE May 19, 2005 – Thursday, 1:00 p.m.


i went on an endless quest    to see what was out there i took on so many jobs    and lived in different lairs i also thought new york was    where i had to be little did i know, it didn’t matter    that was plain to see because you take yourself    wherever you go and live […]